Goose EQ arrives and brings with it a bit of a different business model for an app

A nice EQ is always welcome, but this one comes with a different business model, which it’ll be interesting to see the response to. Here’s what the developers have to say about the app and the model.

Our mission is to manipulate audio with 21st century tools, instead of limiting ourselves with 20th century hardware and concepts. Goose EQ discards the limitations of past hardware and harnesses the future’s computing power. We have designed the UI with only the the physics of audio and the current touch interface in mind,dropping all the baggage of the past.

Goose EQ is the next generation of equalizers. It is a sleek stereo equalizer with 11 different types of filters for fine grain audio control. Designed especially for touch screens, no effort was made to recall EQ hardware of the past. Without the limitations of old hardware, Goose EQ takes a bold step into today’s world of touch gestures and high powered processors. As a result, it looks and feels great on any iOS device.

It’s not just good looking and easy to use; there’s power behind this clean user interface. It boasts:

  • As many bands as your hardware can handle
  • Linked or independent stereo control
  • Analyzer for each channel
  • Precise control of Gain, Frequency, and Bandwidth with gestures and text input
  • Multiple EQs at once
  • Hardware inputs & outputs
  • AudioUnit v3
  • Save your own presets
  • Built in Presets
  • Bypass a single band or a whole EQ.
  • Multiple filters:
  • Parametric
  • High & Low Pass
  • Resonant High & Low Pass
  • Band Pass & Stop
  • High & Low Shelf
  • Resonant High & Low Shelf

To get full use of the EQ there is an auto renewing subscription with the following details:

“One Year Equipment Rental”

What you get:

  • Unlimited custom presets
  • Unlock all factory presets
  • Concurrent equalizers

How it works:

  • Starting a subscription will give you the full version of the app
  • There is a 2 week demo period in which you can cancel and never get charged anything
  • Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
  • The rental automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
  • Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
  • Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase

Revenue model:

We believe that iOS hardware is good enough to do great things with audio, yet there is very little good software to run on it. We believe this is because of the current revenue model: pay once and expect updates for life. No one expects to buy a pair of shoes once and have them replaced every year for free. So we are going to try subscription with various checkpoints along the way.

We will be doing a yearly subscription. We will continue fixing bugs, adding features, and updating for the first ten months after first release. At that point we will look at our current active subscriptions. If there are enough to support further maintenance we will continue to keep the app working on the latest OS and hardware. If we do not get enough revenue, we will set the subscription price to $0 a year, and stop development. This means that the people who got on board will be able to use the app until it does not work anymore because of OS updates. Because this pricing model is so different than anything else on the App Store, let’s describe it another way (as a list):

  • Subscription-based revenue model.
  • If sustainable, we will continuously and features and update (The app will not be abandoned like so many in the current transition to 64 bit).
  • If it still proves unsustainable, then current subscribers will be able to continue to use as if they had paid upfront like the typical revenue model.
  • Bonus: the subscription will be about 1/4 the price that we would have charged if we were using the old revenue model.
  • Bonus: Free trial. Start the subscription. If you don’t think the app is for you, cancel the subscription, and you will not be charged anything.
  • Cancel any time.

View our privacy policy and terms of use:

Goose EQ on the app store:

4 thoughts on “Goose EQ arrives and brings with it a bit of a different business model for an app”

  1. The whole subscription idea is dumb. Its just another way to rip you off and make things unecessarily inconvenient…I mean its an EQ. What, 10 band EQ? Then next year how much better will that be, what will they add? Bullshit. They did this with adobe illustrator…Just f*cked me up up for no reason, cant even use it in a place where there is no wifi…pricing people out for no reason…look at me, I’m a macbook hipster, I can afford the subscription, see me make generic swirl patterns straight from youtube tutorials…see me build a logo that is “professional”, a square with rounded edges. I didn’t want to but lately I have no choice and I have to change and become a hater. Remember the days when software cost 49.99 and you’d own it forever and could use it without being online? Now they want 800 a year or something…With their moustaches and their little flat shoes, looks like dunlop plimsoles, wtf is wrong with them?…so many annoying bátté, sipping on they látte…, they all sensitive and metro


    1. Whilst you’re entitled to your opinion I don’t agree with you at all. If we still with the current model of how we pay for apps developers won’t have enough money to live on and so will stop making music apps. Therefore we need to find another way, and a subscription is fine with me. If it means giving a bit more money to devs, that’s fine with me. If you don’t want to pay them fairly for what they do, that’s fine too.


  2. It all sounds fair enough at the beginning when they give you the spiel about “I’m a modern, forward thinking developer, kind of like a starving artist, I need something to live on”. Further down the line, all music apps slowly change one by one and become subscription apps, you can’t even open them without being online so that the developer can check your subscription…the subsription price creeps ever upwards, spiralling out of control..before you know it that fair enough £3.49 a year has become £349.99 a year. I’ve seen this happen before with the adobe creative suite. Personally I don’t really need a lot of really simple music apps,each with their own special gimmick and each with a cheap price. I’d rather have a serious, complete music creation package with a one-off price tag of maximum £49.99…maybe three years late I’d drop an extra 20 for a point update, but yeah, as I was saying, the whole subscription thing quickly gets out of control…they get greedy. The way they think…”business is business”.


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