Acrux Seasons looks enticing

Acrux Seasons comes from the developer of pyka_loop (worth a look in its own right) who are friends of mine and a lot of fun to be with.

This looks like something rather beautiful to play with, and it’s free too. Here are the details.

Play Victor Gama’s Acrux and immerse yourself in the beauty of echoing leaves, swirling mist and playful sonic droplets.

Angolan/Portuguese instrument designer and musician Victor Gama has developed a complex sonic palette which combines the cyclical elegance of gamelan with the complex tonalities of 20th Century minimalists like Steve Reich, Michael Nyman and Glen Branca.
The acrux is a unique harp-like instrument built and workshopped by Gama, with inspiration ranging from the vast beauty of the star constellations to the unassuming obscurity of the leaves that fall on the forest floor. Knowing the limitations of conveying the depth of these inspirations in a physical instrument, Victor sought to create a digital version of his instrument that would showcase the beauty behind his method. After meeting with creative education company ‘pyka’, Victor met with 6 primary schools in South Wales and the most unlikely of creative partnerships was formed. Over several months, the potential for the digital acrux instrument was discussed, tested and created by under the watchful eye of Victor himself. The result of this work was Acrux Seasons, the app that allows you to play your way through the seasons as you watch them change around you. Victor, pyka and all six schools now hope that you can find your own inspiration in this uniquely beautiful app.

The app is compatible with 9.7″ iPads, from the iPad Air and up.

Acrux Seasons is free on the app store now:

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