Vulse for iPhone arrives

This is a really interesting idea and a very different take on gestural control. I can see that this could be really useful for guitarists. I’m inclined to give it a go myself too, especially with Audiobus integration.

Vulse is the only app that lets you control effects WHILE you play by touching your screen and rotating your guitar.

  • Mix and match combinations of effects like Wah, Pitch Shift, and Echo.
  • Put Vulse in sequence with other apps using Audiobus & Inter-App Audio
  • Assign effects to the X and Y touch coordinates and the angle of your phone’s rotation
  • Multi-touch and hold-off mode enable completely new ways of interacting with your effects, creating sounds that are impossible to make using a physical effect pedal or whammy bar
  • Dedicated kill switch and bypass button on the Play screen
  • Wave visualizer and glow effects on the Play screen make Vulse more visually captivating than any physical effect pedal ever made

First bring your iPhone within reach by temporarily affixing it to the face of your guitar, using a micro-suction phone case, hook-and-loop tape, or any other method you prefer. Then plug in your guitar using an adapter like iRig or JAM. Now you’re ready to create completely original sounds using Vulse!

Vulse is free on the app store (couldn’t see any IAPs):

One thought on “Vulse for iPhone arrives”

  1. This app is a great idea.
    I am very much intrigued.
    Ive seen people do something similar with kaoss pad mini 2.
    The effects on those are not really designed for guitar.
    Guitar can be a great “real world oscillator”.
    In other words, in some ways it is the best possible type of physical modelling synthesis, because it is in fact physical…before it is converted to an electrical signal by the pickups, that is.
    All the real world harmonics are there…in addition to the fundamental frequency, of course.

    I will add though, it does seem that either the advertising director or the developer does not actually play guitar. The placement of the iphone in its position below the guitar strings would prevent a guitar player from actually strumming or palm muting…as it is an electric guitar effect control app, one would assume that there would be electric guitar technique to be used (strumming, palm muting, use of a pick), rather than fingerpicking only. In that case the placement of the iphone is foolish. It leads to skepticism about the quality of the effects…if they don’t know that guitar players strum and palm mute, do they really know what kind of effects guitar players want?

    In an ideal world with infinite money, the best solution to this kind of approach, with the aim of enhancing electric guitar for the future, would be to use the Moog guitar with a breath controller and a nice multi effects pedal with looping capability.



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