All you Circuit owners need to check this out

I’ve seen a lot of proprietary controller apps over the years, but since Novation brought out their circuit I can’t say that I’ve noticed very much for it. So I’m sure that circuit owners will be pleased about this app. Here are the details:

MIDISynth Circuit provides full editing of the two synth engines on the Novation Circuit Synthesizer.

Patches can be retrieved and uploaded to the Circuit using the editor and transferred to a computer for archiving. Using this mechanism it is also possible to upload patch sets available from Novation Components.

Full control of the session sections of the synth are provided and presets can be saved and recalled( due to technical limitations, no interaction for Novation Components is available for session settings).

Additional functionality is available in the form of in app purchases for random generation/tweaking of patches, morphing between patches, 4 XY user-definable XY controls and 16 user definable controls.

The 4 XY controls, 16 custom controls and the macro controls are brought together on the performance screen for easy control of your favourite parameters whilst performing.

Please note this app requires a Novation CIrcuit to operate – it goes not generate any sound itself. Please note that due to technical limitations this app requires a USB connection to Circuit in order to operate correctly. Please note this is an independent product and there is no link or affiliation with Novation Music.

MIDISynth Circuit costs $14.99 on the app store:

Orsilus 1.0.2 brings new reverb and more

I’ve posted about Orsilus once before. It’s an intriguing app and worth a look. In the latest version the developer brings some nice new features focusing on reverb. Here’s what’s new:

  • New room reverb feature
  • Adds two reverb rooms
  • Visual mixer axis selection
    • Y-Axis to Nothing or Volume
    • Z-Axis to Nothing, Volume, Reverb or LPF
  • Updates to bug report menu/system
  • Multiple performance tweaks/updates
  • Bug fixes
  • CPU usage improvement

ChordPolyPad 1.5 brings AB3 MIDI support and more

Here’s what’s new in ChordPolyPad:

  • Audiobus 3 Midi support
  • Audiobus state saving support
  • Portrait mode and split view supported on iPad
  • C3 or C4 middle C choice
  • Bugs fixed

Wotja 4.7 brings Audiobus 3

Intermorphic brings us Wotja 4.7 with AB3. Here’s what’s new:

This is a feature update that adds support for Audiobus 3 audio routing (also works great with AudioShare). Thanks for the customer feedback and we hope you enjoy it!

    Added support for Audiobus 3 audio routing
  • On iPhone 6S and later Wotja now runs at 48 kHz / 24 kHz (toggle in Settings); this is to match the underlying audio hardware rate

Note: The Audiobus Latency Control setting will likely need to be set to 1024 frames. We make the same recommendation if using AudioShare or other external audio recording app. When using Audiobus 3 in e.g. AudioShare, you need to select an Audiobus Intermediate Out channel, e.g. 0.


  • Fixed: Latency stepper was not visible in Dark mode

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