STROM 1.5 arrived

Not a massive update for STROM, but the first since Jan, and good to see it get updated however small. Here’s what’s new:

  • file drop from Mac – you can now drop audio files into STROM from SDS Drop
  • stability fixes and UI improvements
  • use the Control-All feature without touching your iPad: hold any unused performance macro on your Rytm to activate!

Ondes is now Ribbons, plus a small update

I’ve no idea why Olympia Noise Co have changed the name, but they have. Ondes is now called Ribbons and gets an update to version 1.2 which includes …

  • Super relaxing new color scheme (isn’t that what we all look for in an app)
  • Wondrous new icon (a must have)
  • Updated to latest version of Audiobus (the main thing that you want to hear)

It also recently came down in price from $7.99 to $4.99, in case you need to know that.

BeatHawk 2.0.2 brings new things and fixes too

The latest BeatHawk update 2.0.2 brings new and fixes. Here’s what’s new:

  • NEW! Midi Output (creates device)
  • NEW! Midi Through option
  • NEW! Midi Clock send
  • NEW! Option to select pad on touch
  • NEW! UnZip/Zip commands in browser to import/export multiple files
  • FIX! Fix Push notifications
  • FIX! Export project
  • FIX! Improved Step Editor performance
  • FIX! Screen cropped using Audiounit on larger iPhone devices
  • FIX! AudioUnit supports multi instance and fixed state saving / restore
  • FIX! Stability improvements

And there’s more KDJ-One news

I’m really glad to see that this little device is really coming along nicely. I’m far more hopeful that it’ll see the light of day now.

Artiphon brings version 1.1 of their app and new INSTRUMENT 1 firmware

The 1.1 update brings new functionality and improved playability to the INSTRUMENT 1 firmware and Artiphon software for iOS.

String Flip

The String Flip feature uses the INSTRUMENT 1’s built-in accelerometer to automatically switch between lefty and righty tunings based on how the instrument is held.

With this update, String Flip becomes a global setting, meaning your preference will persist even when you change presets. This should make it easier for astronauts and other players in zero-gravity environments to play without the INSTRUMENT 1 accidentally flipping between left and right-handed tunings. For those who play some presets left-handed and others right-handed, we’ve included an override feature that is preset-specific.


New and improved sensitivity settings are now at the ready.

Method Sensitivity
Whether you’re heavy-handed or have a feather touch, you can now more easily achieve the volume and dynamics you seek.

Hammer-on Sensitivity
Avoid unintended notes by turning the hammer-on sensitivity to Low or Off. Or enjoy a fingerboard that is so sensitive you can simply tap to play notes. In other words, you can now dial in the ideal action for Eruption by Van Halen.

Aftertouch Pressure Sensitivity
You can now adjust the amount of pressure required to activate effects with aftertouch. Try this with pressure-sensitive sounds in the Artiphon iOS app (such as Square and Sine waves), or with your favorite synths in GarageBand.

Tilt Range
We’ve added a new slider that allows you to select the angle range that activates the Tilt feature. Set a low tilt range to use smaller, more precise motions, or set the range much wider to put on a real show.


The Artiphon app’s arpeggiator feature allows for fun “auto-play” and “auto-strum” playability. With this update, the arpeggiator can be set to different subdivisions of the global tempo. Simply selecting ¼ notes, ¼ triplets, ⅛, ⅛ triplets will allow you to find your groove much more quickly.

MIDI Program Changes

MIDI program changes 1–8 can now be sent by pressing the INSTRUMENT 1’s volume knob. In Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and other software, you can now switch instrument tracks, press record, play/stop, and perform a range of other options simply by pressing the volume knob. Your live show just got a whole lot smoother.

Rytmik Ultimate Complete comes to the app store

Cinemax brings a new version of Rytmik to the app store. Rytmik Ultimate Complete is there latest app and the third version of Rytmik that’s now available. Here are all the details.

Rytmik Ultimate Complete is a powerful music station (Groovebox) allowing you not only to play with samples and musical instruments but also to mix them together, shape them and create music clips or whole songs for your Friday night set-list.

Key Features

  • More than 1 230 musical instruments
  • Robot and Female voices – over 400 words each.
  • A drawable waveform synth module
  • Advanced effects like the ADSR Envelope, Digital Delay, Noise Shaper, Sample Offset and Loop Definition and more
  • Almost every effect parameter can be modulated via the step sequencer
  • Drag & drop powerful interface
  • Share your songs via Rytmik Cloud and continue on Mac/PC
  • More than 6 000 Songs already shared via Rytmik Cloud
  • Export your music in the WAV format or export to AudioShare
  • Rytmik Ultimate is a powerful pocket music station.

This version includes instruments/samples from Rock Expansion and Voice & Acoustics Expansion.

Thanks to new features, Rytmik Ultimate Complete takes music creation to a whole new level. Rytmik allows you to share your songs with other users through the Rytmik Cloud and can also serve as a music player for songs uploaded on Rytmik Cloud with it. On top of that, users can exchange their songs and cooperate on their composing.

Once your work is complete, you can save it in WAV format to local storage or export to AudioShare.

And that’s not all! Every instrument is now a wavetable synthesizer. With the advanced effect module, you have more power to shape sounds with the ADSR envelope, vibrato, portamento, noise shaper, or digital delay. In addition to that, the drawable waveform synth module allows users to draw and modify their own wave and use it as a sample oscillator – with that you can use Rytmik Ultimate as a sonically unique chiptune synthesizer.

Rytmik Ultimate Complete comes with a sound library of more than 1230 instruments containing the libraries of the previous Rytmik series (Rytmik, Retrobits, Hip-hop King and World Music) and adding a brand new set of samples ranging from deep dubstep kicks and basses to cutting synth leads and special effects.

Rytmik Ultimate Complete with Rytmik Cloud will, of course, include more features and additions to the popular series to enrich your experience with playing with sounds and creating music on the go.

Rytmik Ultimate Complete costs $19.99 on the app store now:

WWDC17 announced


Which will be interesting to see what get’s announced. I don’t have high hopes to be honest, I haven’t found these events terribly exciting or inspiring in recent times.

Having said that I’d like to hope that Apple could do something truly innovative. I’ll wait and see.

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