Happy Birthday to me! PalmSounds is 11 today


In years gone by I’ve done more to celebrate PalmSounds birthday, especially last year of course where we celebrated 10 years of mobile music. 11 doesn’t seem like such a big deal perhaps, but in some ways it is even more significant. In the UK 11 is an important age. It’s an age where you move up to big school, where things get serious. Perhaps that’s not the best analogy for PalmSounds, but in a way it’s a good way of looking at mobile music and how things have changed, how they’ve developed and progressed. I think that the world of mobile music has come of age in many ways.

I started thinking about that after MMM2017. That was not only an excellent event, but also pivotal in many ways. It signalled a coming together of so many different aspects and parts of the mobile music world that normally don’t intersect. It was also significant that it was opened with a key note by Peter Kirn from CDM and was closed with me talking about the future, something I plan to revisit in the next week or so.

So I think that PalmSounds turning 11 could be significant in many ways. We’ll see if I’m right.

PS. If you hadn’t guessed it, the cakes above spell “Palm Sounds 11”, if perhaps not entirely successfully. However, like many things with PalmSounds, it was a bit of an experiment.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me! PalmSounds is 11 today”

  1. Hope there will be some contenders to ios, going truly portable, two handed use, no need for using a table in the next eleven years.

    I still think milkytracker on the PDA is one of the best with its D-PAD + stylus controls and advanced sequencer, even all these eleven years later.

    Little Game Park Tracker on PSP homebrew was also amazing but I just dont understand how software like that could be abandonned at like that at 96% completion. It was annoying with the config.xml (stuff like render and colour shcheme etc. should have been in an options menu within the program itself) and no ‘save as’…but since windows 10 it wont even load up in windows.

    I dont know why someone from japan doesn’t develop a great synth / sampler / sequencer for PS-VITA..they are cheap now…nintendo DS has synths…seriously though I’m tired of ios file system and itunes, cloud storage blah blah …its just dumb.


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