AUMI 1.1.5 is here

AUMI is a sadly overlooked app. The app is designed to be used by people with limited motion and it is ideal for that. In this latest update it gets even better. Here’s what’s new:

  • A new reporting interface lets you control the reports much better.
  • You now can use a larger image from the camera for a less blurry picture.
  • You can also suppress the video image entirely.
  • MIDI instruments now can sustain notes in monophonic mode. They also can use cursor velocity.
  • Improved instructions – glossary items in particular
  • Bug fixes having to do with saving settings, colors of things, and crashes in Zooms.

4 thoughts on “AUMI 1.1.5 is here”

  1. i agree, aum is wicked. i havent bothered with audiobus 3 because aum just does everything i need. alongside modstep, i havent even bothered to use auria except to mix the recorded audio.


    1. Different approaches fit with different people I guess. AB3 is good, but I do hear that a lot of people love AUM


      1. agreed. before modstep, midi sketch was my sequencer for a long time. not many people liked it, at least to those i recommended it to. i still love that app 😀


  2. Hi Folks – don’t confuse AUMI (the video tracking improvisation instrument) with AUM (fantastic mixer/host program ). There’s actually an even _newer_ newer version of AUMI, 1.1.6, which adds relative motion instruments and fixes a few other annoying things.

    AUMI can track any motion and use it to play sounds and send MIDI. While AUMI doesn’t participate in the usual iOs audio ecosystem, the MIDI synths it triggers can!


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