Sync, Dropbox and a reminder …

A post or perhaps a tweet from Tim at Discchord made me think about this over a few days and I thought it would be worth a quick post about it. We use cloud services all the time, or at least I do and I guess that many of you do too. I’m really interested in what people think the best, or rather, the easiest to use services are.

On the one hand I think that using services like dropbox or iCloud for sync between devices is really handy, and on the other I do like bespoke services like those used for non-music apps such as DayOne, or Things. The main benefit of bespoke services is that they’re designed to handle the specifics of an app’s data and events. The downside is that your data is often difficult to get out from a bespoke service, which is really one of the great reasons for an app to have a bespoke sync service.

On the other hand dropbox and other cloud services are more universal and at least mean that your data is your own. But the downside is that developers need to keep up with the APIs that these services deploy, and that is the current issue with dropbox. Dropbox has changed it’s API and if developers don’t update their apps soon they won’t keep working with dropbox.

So, developers, if you want to keep your users data working in dropbox, please update your apps with the latest API as soon as possible,

If you don’t currently use dropbox you can get signed up here and get an extra 500mb in your free account too.

2 thoughts on “Sync, Dropbox and a reminder …”

  1. I use Transmit – can map to all cloud drives w/ drag and drop, access any folder on my network, Open-in Option, multiple/simultaneous file uploads. Supports SMB/AFP/WebDav/FTP etc…


  2. In my honest opinion it is ridiculous that I should have to use cloud based storage or email to render out my .wavs at all. Its means that I must be connected to render songs, patterns, phrases. It makes the whole workflow of music making longer and more drawn out and it means that I cant complete multi-software tunes out in the country or on holiday, on a road trip etc. All the i-devices have a harddraive, there is no reason that I shouldnt be able to use that hardrive to render .wavs. I’m even pissed that I must use itunes file sharing, with its limited folder structure. For sample based music, one folder for, say samples from 200 drum machines is absolutely ridiculous and pointless. Long live drag and drop. Plug it into USB and go..thats all it ever needed to be.


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