iZotope’s Spire Multitrack gets a sizeable number of new features in version 1.2.1

It’s the first update for almost a year and it’s one worth checking out. Whilst iZotope’s Spire doesn’t have the kind of features you’d expect from Audiobus capable apps it is still worth checking out and is free too.

Here’s what’s in the latest version:

  • Expanded multitrack support from four to eight tracks
  • Added trim functionality
  • Added undo functionality
  • Added the ability to export individual tracks
  • Added the ability to share projects with other Spire users
  • Added audio import functionality
  • Added count-in functionality
  • You may now choose iPhone mic as input source when headphones (with built-in mic) are plugged in
  • Various bug fixes and user interface improvements

STROM 1.5 arrived

Not a massive update for STROM, but the first since Jan, and good to see it get updated however small. Here’s what’s new:

  • file drop from Mac – you can now drop audio files into STROM from SDS Drop
  • stability fixes and UI improvements
  • use the Control-All feature without touching your iPad: hold any unused performance macro on your Rytm to activate!

Ondes is now Ribbons, plus a small update

I’ve no idea why Olympia Noise Co have changed the name, but they have. Ondes is now called Ribbons and gets an update to version 1.2 which includes …

  • Super relaxing new color scheme (isn’t that what we all look for in an app)
  • Wondrous new icon (a must have)
  • Updated to latest version of Audiobus (the main thing that you want to hear)

It also recently came down in price from $7.99 to $4.99, in case you need to know that.

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