FL Studio Mobile 3.1.50 arrives

Here’s what’s new in version 3.1.50 of FL Studio Mobile. Not a bad update at all.

  • NEW: Leveller – Precision level plugin
  • NEW: Stereorizer – Stereo effect plugin
  • Audiocopy SDK updated to 3.4
  • CPU optimized recording
  • Hide CC’s when loading MIDI files
  • Improved drawing wave files
  • Improved loading of MIDI files
  • Imports files (.flm, .mid, .flmpst, .flms, .wav, .mp3) from email, downloads etc.
  • L/R record input settings
  • MIDI CC7 goes to Level
  • MIDI CC8 & 10 control Panning
  • MIDI Channels DrectWave save bank name
  • MIDI files load with placeholder instruments
  • More UI scaling options
  • New-song templates
  • Samples when loading MIDI have correct pitch
  • New Help menu

NOTE: iOS IAA will be fixed in the next update, thanks for your patience

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