DrumPerfect Pro 2.1 is a big one, and worth checking out

Yep, this is a big update for DrumPerfect Pro. Take a look. Here’s what’s new:

Sample editor with:

  • waveform view with zoom function
  • amplitude envelope, square or adsr
  • sample time-stretching between 0.5 and 2
  • sample pitch-shifting between -1200 and 1200 cents
  • sample resampling
  • sample on/off, loop switch
  • automatic time stretching calculation for loops with known tempo
  • 21-band graphic equalizer
  • Real-time dynamic range compressor per instrument
  • 100+ Room impulses for convolution reverb
  • Room send level per instrument
  • Choke group per instrument
  • Easily create new patterns by merging existing ones
  • Document picker for import and export
  • Stem export as zip archive
  • Backup function saves patterns, songs, kits and samples
  • Support for Audiobus Remote
  • 4 New IAP sound packs

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