Sugar Bytes brings Unique for iPad and iPhone

Sugar Bytes have brought us some excellent iOS apps and this looks like a great addition to their portfolio. Here’s what they say about Unique, which comes in both iPhone and iPad flavours:

“Unique sounds like syrup with dirt kicked into it. If Bootsy Collins, Roger Troutman and Daft Punk would have met up in Studio 54 to create a soft-synth, for sure something like Unique would have come out of it…” Sound & Recording Mag

Unique was made for fun and vibes: Analogue sound, intense modulation and a killer set of features, delivering an amazing sonic spectrum that’s full of character: Classy sounds, powerful, warm… sometimes gritty.

Each of the 2 oscillators offers a selection of 5 waveforms: sawtooth and pulse waves are here, along with noise, triple saw and triple FM waves. There’s also an additional sub-oscillator strapped into the master section for added oomph.

The internal controllers will bring in the dynamics: an LFO and an envelope, there’s a recordable XY field & a sequencer. Use these to modulate any knob – a simple long tap will do.

The sound springs to life when it hits the filter section. Needless to say, analogue high-pass, low-pass and band-pass varieties are in place, along with a comb filter.

Standards aside, the actual intention behind this project, the Vowel Filter, also became its outstanding feature: string together two or four vowel formants and play them back in a multitude of ways.

Once you’ve built your sound, there’s tons of sound polish in two chained multi-effect units.


  • Sawtooth, Triple Saw, Pulse, Triple FM, Noise with tonal Filter, Sub Sine
  • 5 Filters with 5 Modulators each
  • Duophone Arpeggiator
  • Vowel Filter
  • Two Effect Sections
  • Ableton Link Kit & AudioBus
  • MIDI Learn & Host Automation
  • 300 groovy presets by various artists

Unique for iPhone ($4.99):

Unique for iPad ($14.99):

One thought on “Sugar Bytes brings Unique for iPad and iPhone”

  1. I always feel like for those apps that are a synth or a game, they should include a video with some demo sounds or gameplay on the appstore…its like, if you don’t, why are you hiding your app or game?
    I watched the Haq attaq and there was a great detailed review there…the synth itself sounds alright, quite meaty, quite beefy.

    I would like to add that although I know that there are many midi sequencers out for ios devices I would find it awesome if every synth came with its own take on how a sequencer should be for that synth. Like, for this synth it should have the ability to do 1000 or more 32 step patterns, organise into a song.. with at least 8 parameters to be directly controlled per step….8 sliders on each square. AND rendering ability, render each track separately, render each track in each pattern separately, each pattern, whole song etc.

    But then apple wont let me organise my rendered files properly, I must email to myself or render to dropbox, I need to be near wifi, I must open itunes file transfer..this is the problem with music on ios. Which is why I will stay android fan for now, until windows 10 has more touch apps or android becomes so cheap, dumb not to use.


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