Wotja Pro 4.5 is yet another good update

I’m a big fan of Intermorphic’s work and have been since they were first on Windows Mobile with miniMIXA. So it’s good to see the latest incarnation of their generative solution keep going from strength to strength.

Here’s what’s new in 4.5:

This is a feature update that both further improves the default colour scheme of the UI and also adds a dark mode theme. Thanks for the customer feedback and we hope you enjoy it!


  • Dark mode color theme (Settings > Color Theme)


  • Greatly improved the (default) Light mode color theme.
  • Fixed the issue with Play/Stop button disappearing on occasion (oops, sorry!)
  • Made the ISE EQ, LFO and Amp icons a little lighter as we now use black text on them.
  • Added a Files icon to the Settings screen accessed from the Settings tab.
  • Added a new “Voices” button to the top of the Network panel to take you to the Voice parameter editing screen.
  • Add Voice numbering to the Voice parameter editing screen page control.
  • Improved display in the Cut-ups section.
  • Several bug fixes.

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