KDJ-One is looking more and more like it’s really going to happen

Which is brilliant news for everyone who backed it, and also for anyone who’s interested in seeing this come to life. The KDJ-One could be an amazing device for mobile music making, so it becoming a reality is a big deal as far as I’m concerned.

2 thoughts on “KDJ-One is looking more and more like it’s really going to happen”

  1. I think they should have made it more like little game park tracker.

    Unfortunately, the developer of little game park tracker decided to quit development at about 96% completion of this (most excellent) portable tracker program…

    That is to say that all it needed ‘save as’, and also some of the configuration had to be done by writing lines in a config.xml that should have been in a menu within the program.

    Apart from that it is the best portable composition tool I have seen.

    KDJ looks like another step sequencer, does it have velocity sensitive keys? If not then how is it preferable to the myriad of iPAD and iphone synth sequencers…

    good luck to them though.


  2. Just had a look at their website. Maybe I’m being unfair to them. Apparently it will have velocity sensitive keys. Also the sequencer seems to have a very high resolution (Resolution = 384 tick / Quarter Note). Interesting. That might allow for some very smooth automation curves.
    I think whether or not it succeeds will depend on, A) how good the software inside that device is, B) How foolish / incapable of spending time and effort the users of that device are, C) How much they spent on advertizing and D) How good the ins and outs are.

    I really do think that so far, the best portable solutions for electronic music compositions are A) little gamepark tracker and B) MPC500.

    Why not iPAD and iPhone? Because they rely on ‘cradle and prod / hunt and peck’, which is a waste of one hand and uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time…If you need a table anyway, then why not just use a laptop?

    Personally, I believe that PSVITA has an excellent set of controls and great form factor for portable music compositon…unfortunately Sony wont allow. But they should think about the success of iDSN12 and iDS10 and release rival software.


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