TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome 1.5.2 arrives

Another pretty big update for TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome. Here’s what’s new:

Feature updates and bugfixes and for v1.5.2:

  • Added auto-transpose feature back in for sound selection
  • Improved bluetooth speaker output support
  • Added option to allow bluetooth mic input, disabled by default so that most bluetooth speakers will work as desired. If the mic input from a bluetooth device is desired, enable this option. Removed the output-only option because this new option gets rid of the need for it.
  • Arrow button in top-left of record sidebar now closes it (as well as swipe left)
  • Added visual metronome flashing to tab bar on all pages
  • Added 3D Touch shortcuts to start on specific page
  • Add quarter/half note triplets subdivisions to /4 and /2 meters
  • File browsing behavior updated, doesn’t auto-play now when selecting (unless already playing).
  • Added Trim feature which trims selected range to new file or replacing existing
  • Added “Select” button which lets you multiple select items for export or deletion. If multiple items are selected for export it will make a ZIP archive and export that.
  • Added option to make compressed audio (AAC) files when exporting audio
  • Playing audio files keeps app alive in the background (like the metronome)
  • Added duration indicator when recording
  • Added introductory information for some features.
  • Some VoiceOver fixes, and added special tuning data text capture feature (double-tap and hold target tuner on Tuner page to toggle it on/off, only when VoiceOver is on). This was requested by a blind user.
  • Fixed multi-touch issue on pitch wheel
  • Various metronome fixes

Apple Watch app changes:

  • Reordered watch pages, to focus on most likely used features (metronome)
  • Added meter and subdiv adjusting feature to Watch app
  • Added Sound page to Watch app. Set the desired note with the note/octave pickers, or pressing the current tuner indicator button to set it to the most recently heard note.
  • Added dedicated haptic count-in feature on watch (force touch on met page). This is independent from the phone metronome.
  • Added Met Presets page to watch. Force press to change preset groups. Changing preset with the digital crown dial will go into affect when met is started (or if changed while already started). Swiping up/down also changes preset.

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