Whilst I’m not entirely sure quite how this app does what it suggest it does, I’m quite intrigued to understand it. Here’s the detail that you do get about what it does:

“Stravinski” is a melody generator that creates eight-bar piano melodies with adjustable complexity. The algorithm is based on scientific research in the field of music psychology. It is developed by the team behind “CHAiOS SYNTH 2”.

Workflow: set the complexity to your preferred level, press “generate”, then “play”. That’s it. Hit “settings” to set tempo and key, or toggle the drum tracks on/off.

Of cause “Stravinski” supports Audiobus and Inter-App Audio.

Have fun and get inspired by this next-gen melody algorithm!

Stravinski costs $2.99 on the app store now:


  1. I dont really like generative music in that you cant call it your own work. However, if it gives the details of how it does the generation of the melodys and harmonies, then within that is a useful window into that method of composition.

    Its like fugue machine. I had no idea what a fugue was until that came out, but now I want to go write me some fugues, and become fuguemaster.

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