As of now Blocs Wave goes freemium!


As a long time fan of this app I see this as a really positive move to encourage even more people to pick up their iOS device and make music with it, and Blocs is a great place to start. It’s a simple and beautifully designed app for making and recording new music, and now free it’s to download on the Apple app store.

Of course, there will be IAPs. The ‘Slicer’ and ‘Audio Import’, become IAPs, which makes sense to me. But the great news is that for new and pro music makers alike, Blocs Wave offers unique ways to combine pro-sounds to build up original musical ideas. For long time iOS musicians, Blocs Wave can also be seen as another good tool for real-time loop recording that can record and capture your ideas on the go.

As of today the free option also lets you tweak and edit your sounds, and then build on your ideas to create more advanced musical sections.

So what about users who have already purchased Blocs Wave?
Don’t worry. Existing users will keep the pro-features, Audio Import and Slicer at no additional cost. More information on the changes for existing users can be found here:

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Just as a reminder (or if you haven’t heard of the app), here’s what Blocs Wave is all about:

Highlight Features

  • A powerful looper studio – 48 loop pads, with real-time stretching for building ideas
  • Chop and slice your sounds* – Slice and play your sounds
  • Locked in time and key – Change tempo or key, at any time, in real-time
  • Expand your ideas with Sections – Switch between groups of pads to build musical structure
  • Import* and export your own sounds – Supports Audiobus, Audioshare.
  • Easy syncing, and exporting to Ableton Live – Sync to other software with Link, and export your projects to Ableton Live
  • Connect with Launchpad for iOS – Easily send your projects to Launchpad. Access all your Launchpad soundpacks easily

* Slice and Audio Import require In-App Purchase

Key Features (More Detail)

  • Designed for iPad and iPhone
  • Combine 8 sounds simultaneously per section
  • 6 sections let you build bigger ideas
  • 6 soundpacks included (nearly 300 loops) plus more free packs in the store
  • Slice* and Loop modes to rearrange, and tweak your sounds
  • Discover, Soundpack, User and Type browser modes
  • Expand your soundpack library with new soundpacks, updated weekly
  • Export your music – Create a mixdown or export individual tracks
  • Send to Launchpad – Easily send your projects to Launchpad for iOS
  • Download on-the-move – Optimised for 3G/4G mobile networks
  • 3D touch enabled on iPhone 6 Plus – Preview sounds and waveforms
  • Use any purchased Launchpad soundpacks in Blocs Wave

* In-App Purchase

Advanced Key Features (More Detail)

  • Real-time stretch engine – Change tempo at any time
  • In-key system – Helps keep you in key at all times (Minor)
  • Low-latency recording – Ideal for live looping
  • iPad Pro support – Optimised to use the entire iPad Pro screen
  • Import* and export from iCloud, Dropbox, AudioCopy, AudioShare, Mail, ‘Open-in’, Airdrop and more
  • Import multiple files at once via other apps (e.g. AudioShare)*
  • User sound library management – Manage your sounds
  • Batch export your pads as a .zip file
  • Record and monitor using most USB audio interfaces
  • Audiobus, AudioCopy and hardware input and outputs supported
  • Ableton Link support – Jam in sync with other apps, including Ableton Live
  • Ableton Export support – Easily send your project to Ableton Live
  • Bluetooth speaker support

Blocs Wave on the app store, now free (with IAPs):

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