FX Live 2 version 1.5 is a pretty big update

It’s been over a year since FX Live 2 got an update, but it looks like this has made up for the gap. Here’s what’s new:

New Features

Multimedia In App Purchase
With this option it is possible to include videos and images within a show. These can be sequenced individually or combined with audio effects. Smooth mixes can be performed between images or video clips in addition to being able to fade to black. Video and images can be imported from the photo library or imported via iCloud or Google drive. To use this option you will need a multimedia adaptor for your iPad or you can use Airplay to an Apple TV

In the perform screen the cue list keeps the current cue at the top of the list not the next cue.

Changed the way that shows are archived to improve performance and remove crashes caused by zipping the files. The new file archive has an extension of .fxdoc and works the same as the old format but is more faster and has been tested with shows of many gigabytes. Obviously you need to have enough spare memory on the device to hold the archive version of the show. The old format still works so your old archives can still be loaded but all new archives will use the new format.

In order to free up space on your device you can now remove local copies of iCloud archived shows. Archives that are local are shown in dark text and they can be removed by swiping left and pressing delete. N.B this will not remove the archive from iCloud just the copy on the device. You can get it back again at anytime by pressing the download button.

Improved management of temporary files to reduce storage usage of FX Live.

New recycle button on the home screen deletes all audio and video files that are not used in the currently selected show. This can free up huge amounts of space on your device but make sure you have archived all your shows first, that way you can always get back the sounds you need by de-archiving

Bug Fixes
Fixed issue that could cause loss of show if renaming without entering a new name.


Updated to latest Apple Swift & iOS 10 libraries

Implemented latest Google ID Sign On policies so if you use Google drive you will need to press the Google button on the settings screen the first time you run the software.

Removed support for Dropbox, you can still use the Dropbox app to download files to your device and then export and ‘open in’ to import to FX Live.

FX Live 2 on the app store:

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