Here’s what’s new for different groups of people …

New for customers with the FX & Automation upgrade:

  • Automatic levelling: Enable this on your project’s Final Mix to automatically adjust the volume levels when you share it.

New for all paying customers:

  • Create and share “stem” archives (a .zip containing each individual track from the project).
  • Share selected audio while editing projects, either as a single selection (e.g. for “bouncing”), or as a .zip containing each individual clip (e.g. for cutting up one audio file into many smaller ones).

New for everyone:

  • Optional Shortcut Bar allows quick access to commonly-used editing commands, and can be customised with your preferred set.
  • Can now choose what happens to the selection when splitting a piece of audio.
  • Crop away crossfades, either automatically or via shortcut.

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