Audio Evolution Mobile Studio 1.1.2 is bigger than you might think

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is interesting as it’s a cross platform app on both Android (where it started) and iOS. Here’s what’s new in the latest iOS version.

  • Improvements in editing using the piano roll editor (please see at the bottom)
  • Project overview now shows the notes of the current clip in the piano roll editor
  • Piano roll grid is now separate to main time line screen grid and defaults to 1/16th note and grid enabled
  • Solved crash when selecting ‘Save range to file(s)’

Changes to piano roll editor:

  • Position/Length selection button is removed
  • Piano roll editor now defaults to Draw mode in which you can now do all editing for note events
  • Short tap-and-release adds a note. Short tapping on an existing note removes it
  • Long-tap-and-hold on a note allows you to move it.
  • Long-tap-and-hold on the end of a note allows you to change its length
  • Long-tap-and-hold on blank space starts rectangle selection of notes
  • Short-tap on blank space deselects the selected notes
  • Short-tap on selected notes pops up a dialog where you can choose to cut, copy and delete the selection
  • Long-tap-and-release on blank space pops up a Paste dialog
  • Velocity slider sets the velocity for new note events
  • Other events require a long-tap, because the inaccuracy involved

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