KORG Gadget 3.0 comes to iOS as does Gadget for MacOS, plus lots of sales too

It’s worth the wait, and the wait is over. Gadget 3 arrives with audio recording and more. Gadget for Mac arrives and Korg puts loads of apps on sale all at once!

Firstly, here’s what’s new in Gadget:

  • Two new gadgets provide long-awaited audio recording.
  • “Recife” – A new powerful drum gadget with 16 pads.
  • Supports music sharing service “Allihoopa”. http://allihoopa.com/
  • Supports exporting plug-in data with Ableton Live Export.
  • Supports audio document manager “AudioShare”.
  • Other improvements have been made to enhance stability.

A bunch of gadgets inside Gadget are 50% off too, as is Gadget itself, so if you haven’t got it as yet, now is a good time as it’s half price at $19.99:

KORG Gadget for Mac is available directly from their site here, it isn’t on the Mac App store, so don’t go looking for it there. Gadget for Mac is on an introductory price of $199. It’ll go up to normal price on the 30th of April.

If that wasn’t enough, Korg have put the following apps on sale too:

VirSyn launches BandShift (universal)

BandShift is a multi-band auditory filter and frequency shifter taking a new approach to manipulate the pitch of complex sound sources in realtime. The well know analog Bode frequency shifter shifts all frequencies in an input up by the same amount and thereby alters their harmonic relation and tends to produce inharmonic results. But it’s perfect in dealing with transients and sounds smooth even with high amounts of down pitching.

BandShift splits the spectrum in 27 bands and applies a different amount of frequency shifting to each band emulating a harmonic pitch shifting. This gives you perfect pitch shifting for all kind of drum sounds over a vast shifting range of +/- five octaves without disturbing the transients or introducing metallic distortions. The extreme range of shifting gives you access to a vast field of unknown sonic territory.

The possibility to apply different shiftings on each band gives you exciting possibilities: Suppose you have a drum loop which is perfect, but the bass drum is a bit too high or too low to fit in your mix then you can easily get the bass drum shifted a bit down and the rest of the spectrum remains unchanged. But it’s applications are not limited to drum sounds, they’re only limited by your imagination.


  • Multi band bode frequency shifter
  • Linear phase filter bank with 27 bands
  • AudioUnit for AUv3 compatible hosts.
  • Inter-app audio compatible effect.
  • Audiobus 2 compatible with state saving.
  • Apply effect to any song in your iTunes library.
  • MIDI Learn for X/Y Pads
  • Low latency live usage with mic and headphones.
  • Audio recorder

BandShift costs $6.99 on the app store now and is an introductory offer:

Tines – Electric Piano 1.0.2 update

Here’s what’s new in Tines – Electric Piano from Klevgränd produkter AB:

  • New preset system allowing users to save presets in standalone mode. If you’ve saved presets in AUv3 mode, these will be synced after the first launch in AUv3 mode. OBS! Due to some technical issues, earlier saved presets will vanish. We recommend saving the presets in any AU host before doing the update, and then re-save them after update.
  • A minor bug that occured when using the sustain pedal in combination with playing a lot of notes is now fixed.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio 1.1.2 is bigger than you might think

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is interesting as it’s a cross platform app on both Android (where it started) and iOS. Here’s what’s new in the latest iOS version.

  • Improvements in editing using the piano roll editor (please see at the bottom)
  • Project overview now shows the notes of the current clip in the piano roll editor
  • Piano roll grid is now separate to main time line screen grid and defaults to 1/16th note and grid enabled
  • Solved crash when selecting ‘Save range to file(s)’

Changes to piano roll editor:

  • Position/Length selection button is removed
  • Piano roll editor now defaults to Draw mode in which you can now do all editing for note events
  • Short tap-and-release adds a note. Short tapping on an existing note removes it
  • Long-tap-and-hold on a note allows you to move it.
  • Long-tap-and-hold on the end of a note allows you to change its length
  • Long-tap-and-hold on blank space starts rectangle selection of notes
  • Short-tap on blank space deselects the selected notes
  • Short-tap on selected notes pops up a dialog where you can choose to cut, copy and delete the selection
  • Long-tap-and-release on blank space pops up a Paste dialog
  • Velocity slider sets the velocity for new note events
  • Other events require a long-tap, because the inaccuracy involved

Baervaag – FM Synthesizer 1.1 arrives

Baervaag – FM Synthesizer goes to version 1.1 with a some new features and updates. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added a tempo synchronised delay effect (with sync to host option if launched as AUv3)
  • New preset system allowing users to save presets in standalone mode. If you’ve saved presets in AUv3 mode, these will be synced after the first launch in AUv3 mode.
  • UI Updates

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