pi sound announce stretch goals

I mentioned pi sound when they launched their audio and MIDI hardware for Raspberry Pi on Pi day itself. Now they’ve made an announcement about new stretch goals for the pi sound, and these are seriously worth checking out, especially as they’re already well on their way to hitting the second of these. Here are what they’re promising …

20,000.00 – GPIO Header Holes (achieved)
Oh yes, we have already passed this point – you deserved it! It means that your pisound board will come with header holes that will allow you to easily connect to the unused Raspberry Pi pins. It was quite a tricky part to expose them without using 4-layer board, so we really hope you will take a good care of them.
Here is the complete list: GPIO 02 (I2C), GPIO 03 (I2C), GPIO 04 (GCLK), GPIO 05, GPIO 06, GPIO 14 (UART), GPIO 15 (UART), GND, 3V3 & 5V.

25,000.00 – Mobile App (well on the way)
Android & iOS Apps for selecting & launching Pure Data patches.
App will display the output of Pure Data console too, so you will be able to have a real time feedback on what’s happening under the hood. Also we will add some patches to get you going!

30,000.00 – LV2 Plugin Host & Mobile App Support (I think they’ll get there)
For those who haven’t already explored LV2 world, LV2 plugin format is the Linux equivalent to VST on Windows/macOS. There are already hundreds of LV2 plugins out there that you can run on your Raspberry Pi. Currently there is no convenient way to play around with LV2 plugins especially without using an external monitor or mouse. We will fix that! You will be able to launch a LV2 plugin using your smartphone or tablet and even MIDI-map plugin parameters to your MIDI controller. Boooom!

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