MultiTrack DAW 4.3

The last update to MultiTrack DAW was back in November 2015, so whilst updates are generally on the infrequent side, when they do come they’re generally pretty big and worth sitting up and taking notice of.

This is no different at all. It’s a big one. Take a look.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Preamp gain controls how much signal is sent to IAA track effects.
  • Effect Knob drag types (horizontal, vertical, or both). Option available in Settings App.
  • IAA Track effects now work on underlying regions of armed tracks as well as input monitor.
  • “Sound Copy” App Extension, converts audio to wav and copies to the general pasteboard from outside MultiTrack, including ogg files.
  • Tempo Controller redesign, separate spinner controls for Ruler type and Display type, ‘Accent’ button to accent the first beat of the bar.
  • Custom metronome sound (drop a short wav file into the Documents folder named ‘metronome.wav’. Max duration for metronome sound is 0.1 seconds. Accent sound is created automatically by pitching up the sound.)
  • MultiTrack now rotates 5 backups of a project. If anything goes wrong, the latest backup is loaded.
  • Improved Input Selector box now groups core audio inputs, IAA effects, generators, instruments, and Audiobus sources.
  • Waveform previews are now built while recording, instead of after. No waiting for a lengthy preview build after long audio recordings.
  • Bins and Regions are named by track and take number, or audiobus source port names.
  • MultiTrack can now be launched into the background, when hosted from another app.
  • Now supports retina 3x displays on iPhone 6+, 6S+, and 7+ (5 tracks visible). iPad pro displays 11 tracks landscape and 15 tracks portrait.
  • Bluetooth A2DP and Airplay now works for iOS 10 devices (enabled in the Menu).
  • Non-Exclusive solo, now you can solo as many tracks as you want.
  • ‘IN’ volume meter now displays up to 24 input channels on iPad and 3x iPhone
  • Select from the 3 different built-in microphones on newer devices.
  • Reworked IAA plugin system for better stability and compatibility with particular apps.
  • Updated for iOS 10. Audiobus 3 ready.


  • Fix: email bug when sending large files on certain versions of iOS 9.
  • Fix: memory leak when recording with screen locked.
  • Fix: If the song project doesn’t match the hardware samplerate, converters are placed around IAA plugins.
  • Fix: To prevent Audiobus disconnections, input ports are now pulled even when track is disarmed or song is closed.

PixiTracker 1.5 is here (iOS will follow soon)

On the ‘Voices of the Sun‘ blog there’s news of a new version of PixiTracker. Version 1.5 arrives for Raspberry Pi, PocketCHIP and many more operating systems. iOS will come soon.

Here’s what’s new and what platforms are covered:

  • export to XM (eXtended Module of the FastTracker2) – this file can be loaded by any modern music tracker/player (for example, SunVox);
  • sound editor: “reduce size / 2 (lossy)” function has been added;
  • Linux: ARM64 architecture support (tested on PINE64 64-bit Single Board Computer);
  • Linux: Raspberry Pi, PocketCHIP and other ARM(armhf)-compatible devices support;
  • Linux and Windows: multitouch support;
  • Android (4.0 and higher): System Settings -> Interface: new option “Hide system bars” for true fullscreen mode;
  • new sound packs (16bit): pack10_fm, pack11_percussion_2, pack12_orchestra;
  • new song (16bit) – Example12;
  • bugs fixed.

More information can be found here and you can check out the Voices of the Sun blog here.

BeatHawk 2 is a massive update, and it’s on sale too

Considering we only just had an update to BeatHawk last month it is a bit of a surprise to find version 2.0 today. And it’s a massive update too. Here’s what’s new:

  • NEW! Now available for iPhone (5 and newer)
  • NEW! Interface optimized for each iPhone device
  • NEW! Now available as an AudioUnit V3 plugin
  • NEW! Piano Roll Editor for writing and editing Note and MIDI CC
  • NEW! Support for Ableton Link
  • NEW! Export as Ableton Live project
  • NEW! Automate parameters with MIDI Learn
  • NEW! Paste audio directly to pads with AudioCopy
  • NEW! Copy/Paste pads with clipboard
  • NEW! Scale selection in Pitch Mode
  • NEW! Loops Markers in Song Mode
  • NEW! Accelerometer Velocity and 3D Touch support
  • UPDATE! Improved readability in UI
  • UPDATE! Improved help section
  • UPDATE! MIDI channel support added to preferences
  • UPDATE! Improved In-App purchase experience
  • UPDATE! AudioCopy updated to v3.2
  • UPDATE! Support for multiple touches on a single pad
  • UPDATE! Pattern change during playback now snaps to bar
  • UPDATE! Mutes now record in Song mode
  • FIX! Added hard fixes per IAA / AUv3 host (Auria, Cubasis)

Tize 1.2.4 brings Link and more

The new version of Tize is quite a feature pack. Here’s all that’s new:

  • Ableton Link
  • Search Sounds
  • New Keyboard
  • Log out
  • Change username
  • Backup All Projects
  • New Track menu
    • Change Track Color
    • Duplicate Track
    • Rename Tracks
    • Fill/Un-fill track patterns
  • New Chords
  • Bug fixes

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