Deep Synth : FM Synthesizer arrives

From the makers of Jack the Beatmaker comes a new synth called “Deep Synth : FM Synthesizer”. Here are all the details:

Deep Synth is innovative FM synthesizer with powerful features.
You can create fully custom wave forms in real time.

The synth also has:

  • simple envelope filter
  • reverb effect
  • tremolo sound effect
  • hair – high frequency modulation.
  • 5 points wave form modulation
  • polyphonic keyboard
  • 5 octaves range selector

The sound generator inside the synthesizer is producing the exact wave form as the one you have created. You can control the position and width of the picks in real time.

The synth app has fast and capable piano keyboard. It is fully polyphonic and you can play in 5 octaves.

Deep Synth : FM Synthesizer costs $1.99 on the app store now:

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