Coming today … PiSound is crowdfunding!

As you probably already know I’m a big fan of the Raspberry Pi, or, to be more accurate, I’m increasingly a big fan of the Pi and I continue to find more uses for it, and reasons to make use of it.

Today we see another useful addition to the Pi sound and music world. PiSound is crowdfunding as of this morning, which is appropriate as today is the 14th of March and it is exactly 10am (GMT), at the time of writing (3.1410 if you hadn’t already got it).

pisound is an ultra-low latency high-quality soundcard and MIDI interface specially designed for Raspberry Pi pocket computers. Equipped with 192kHz 24-bit Stereo Input and Output driven by the legendary Burr-Brown chips, DIN-5 MIDI Input and Output ports, user-customisable button and bundled software tools, this little board will bring your audio projects to a whole new level!

It’s impressive, that’s for sure, and, if you check out the product site you’ll see that this is a very capable product.

Stay tuned for more on this and other Pi based products today, as it is Pi day today!

2 thoughts on “Coming today … PiSound is crowdfunding!”

  1. Took a while to decide but did eventually back it. Checked other options (including the Axoloti) and this sounds too good to pass.

    There’s only one week left and they’re not too far from their 30k goal, which would mean that they’d add support for a kind of LV2 host with mobile support. Fingers crossed!

    Sounds like it’ll make for a very powerful system, whatever happens.

    With Sonic Pi gaining MIDI I/O and deeper support for audio input, it could really open up some great possibilities. Plus, the enhanced support for Pure Data can be especially interesting once you start playing with Automatonism.


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