Rotor is now universal!

This is excellent news! Rotor now works on your iPhone!

VirSyn’s ReSlice 1.2 arrives

And here’s what’s new. Not bad going for an app that’s just under 2 months old on the app store.

  • Import sample with optional locking of slice parameters and positions
  • Sync’d loop recorder with 1-16 bars.
  • Share slices together as zip file.
  • Improved zoom & navigation function for samples
  • New “Threshold” parameter for improved auto slicing
  • Arp not running when used as IAA in AudioShare
  • MIDI Pedal can trigger live recording.
  • Cubasis: Improved note timing with freezed tracks
  • Support of common sample rates
  • Setting to disable spectrum visualization to reduce cpu load
  • AUv3: Arp save crash fixed

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