DJ Player Professional update is big, seriously big

DJ Player gets updated to 9.0.9, which is no small update at all. It’s pretty impressive. Here’s what’s new:

  • Numark MixTrack Platinum factory mapping, including full display support.
  • Plus/minus buttons can be used in Jump Preview Mode for precise adjustment.
  • New setting: invert the position of the plus and minus buttons.
  • Track overview waveform is continously visible when using SHIFT + MIDI Jog Wheel to search.
  • Gradient loop overlay on the waveform in loop adjustment mode (in/out).
  • STEM on/off state reflected on each STEM volume knob.
  • Mini Controls on Modern Layout: STEM knob has no label when muted.
  • Secondary MIDI output option for each mappable.
  • Mappable “Time Remaining” MIDI output.
  • Mappable “Beat Position” MIDI output.
  • SHIFT features displayed for each mappable.
  • Track load buttons are automatically switching deck visibility between A/C and B/D (but not changing MIDI controller deck state!).
  • Color coded A/B/C/D indicators on midi mapping. White: no output (LED) mapped or output is not available. Colored: output (LED) mapped. Colored with small circle: output (LED) mapped, but the output MIDI message is different to any input.
  • Fixed occasional MIDI LED delay when switching between deck A and C.
  • Fixed main parameter all fx, secondary parameter all fx and fader fx when used with encoders.
  • Fixed scratching/jog wheel bug when player is set to “jump back and play” and moved past the end of the track.

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