Forever Beats comes to your iPad, although I’m not entirely sure what it does


Personally I like to know what it is that apps do and also I like to be able to see what the screens look like to get an idea of how things work. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. However, with Forever Beats the only screen shot provided to the app store is the one above, which doesn’t tell you anything, as it isn’t much of a screen shot.

Here’s how the developer describes his app:

“Forever Beats is an iPad app for making new beats and hooks, jamming with new ideas and building new compositions.

Intuitively input beats and melodies with touch based gestures and jam with them live using the breaks feature.

Establish your own sound with the Forever Beats synth engine. Synthesised percussive, bass and ambient instruments are included.

Bring the sound to life with 2 LFOs assignable to every synth parameter.

Use MIDI output to control your own hardware using the Forever Beats step sequencer.”

It sounds interesting, but without being able to see how it works I’m not convinced enough to take it further.

Forever Beats is on the app store for $5.99

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