TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome 1.5 is a massive update

I think that it’s rare to see such a massive update for any app. TonalEnergy is now optimized for all current iOS screens and orientations, including slide over and split screen on recent iPads.

What’s new in the Target Tuner?

  • Enhanced color display throughout the app
  • Expanding smiley face for rewarding in-tune playing
  • Added Instant pitch reference using:
  • Pitch name (available on Sound and Tuner screens)
  • Chromatic Wheel (now also available on the Target Tuner screen)
  • Octave changing capability
  • Added Pitch Tracker which illustrates percentage of time played in each tuning zone
  • Expanded Auto Reference Tone choices
  • Added Vocal Mode
  • Redefined Mode (wind/strings) descriptors
  • Expanded number of Range (Skill) parameters
  • Added quick access pop-up for transposition settings
  • Enhanced Damping settings

What’s new in the Metronome?

  • Created a stand alone metronome page
  • Added quick access drop down metronome control panel to all screens
  • Created feature-rich visual metronome
  • Added ability to create Presets
  • Added ability to create Preset Groups (Setlists) using Preset Sequence feature
  • Added ability to create accelerandos and ritards in Preset Groups
  • Expanded number of meters, now with over 30 meters available
  • Expanded number of subdivision patterns, now with over 30 from which to choose
  • Expanded the number of metronome sounds, now up to 20
  • Added Ableton Link feature to sync multiple devices over common network
  • Added Vocal count-ins with a multitude of options. Now you can choose
  • Ability to select either a Male or female voice
  • Ability to set accent notes
  • Ability to choose which notes are counted aloud
  • Ability to set how long the vocal counting continues
  • Flexibility of when to use vocal count-ins in Presets and Preset Groups

What’s new on the Strings and Guitar Tuner page?

  • Added quicker access to the Strings Tuner
  • Added a string and guitar friendly tuner bar
  • Created a faster and more efficient way to tune open strings

What’s new on the Keyboard page?

  • Now available on both iPhones and iPads
  • Changed keyboard resizing method to pinch
  • Added tuner bar
  • Added a scrolling feature to change keyboard position
  • Added a keyboard scroll lock button to prevent unwanted motion

What’s new on the Analysis page?

  • Added quicker toggle between Analysis screens
  • Redesigned visual aspects for ease of reading and interpretation
  • Waveform
  • Increased speed of pitch recognition
  • Integrated Target Tuner colors to Pitch Plot
  • Demonstrates silence by dotted white lines
  • Integrated tuner bar
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Modified hertz range
  • Harmonic Energy
  • Added pinch feature to expand or shrink views of partials
  • Identified names of first eight partial note names
  • Displayed cent off-sets for the first eight partials

What’s new in Recording?

  • Swipe from the left edge of screen for immediate access to show recording sidebar
  • Added video recording and playback, an industry first in tuner apps
  • Added ability to superimpose the Target Tuner over the video image
  • Improved import/export file sharing capabilities for all recordings
  • Streamlined editing file options

What’s new with the Apple Watch?
The TonalEnergy Tuner and Metronome can now be viewed and controlled from your Apple Watch!

What’s new in Audio Options?

  • Full microphone input source and channel selection
  • Added input gain control to address different practice environments
  • Added internal instrument volume control

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