Audio Evolution Mobile Studio 1.0.7 arrived

In it’s fifth update since launch Audio Evolution Mobile Studio 1.0.7 brings another bunch of updates and fixes. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added support for IAA generators as input on an audio track
  • Instrument selection dialog and effects selection dialogs now displays icons for IAA and AU’s
  • Loop and sound font shop now more clearly identify which items are already purchased
  • Splitting a MIDI track could cause a crash when the PRO IAP wasn’t done. Solved.
  • Input button now shows both the input port and channels for audio tracks
  • Solved issue with the Next button getting stuck in virtual keyboard view
  • Solved wrong checksum for Funk Drum Kit
  • Solved crash when opening the instrument selection dialog when a sound font was corrupt.
  • Corrupt sound fonts are now automatically removed on start-up to prevent errors
  • Parameters of built-in effects were not stored in the project. Solved.
  • Solved crash when creating two instrument tracks on some 32-bit iPads
  • On iOS8 systems, the app could erroneously display the message that no network was connected when downloading a sound font. Solved.

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