Remember what I was saying about the Raspberry Pi, well now there’s this …

The Audioinjector Octo surround sound card for the Raspberry Pi, on Kickstarter right now.

I posted just the other day about the musical possibilities of the Raspberry Pi. Now there’s this, a 6 in and 8 out sound card for the Pi. This is pretty big stuff. Pretty amazing actually. Here’s the detail:

“We bring to you the audio card (for the Raspberry Pi) which seemed impossible, but now it is done! Push your projects further into un-trodden territory – further then others have gone before.

Whilst this gadget works with the Raspberry Pi, it represents an innovation in the realm of embedded systems. The innovation is at a hardware level, in audio signalling, giving us the ability to retrofit these systems with more then their typically quoted two channels of audio in and out.

This sound card features crystal clear 8 channel output audio, with 6 channels of input audio. Unlike other multichannel solutions, this surround hat only uses the GPIO I2S bus for audio. It doesn’t use USB nor does it use HDMI.

The sound card is designed to be customisable. You can design your own break out to suit your needs. The break out headers will have a KiCad project available to aid your designs.

Our previous kickstarter success was delivered on time, working and with support. Support this campaign which builds on the same foundation.”

Example applications

  • Professional audio recording (with 6 balanced inputs)
  • Multichannel output for your projects.
  • Car audio front/back fading.
  • Active crossovers, up to 8 way, or 2 speakers each 4 way.
  • SDR, processing many channels at the same time.
  • Surround sound output for your media centre.
  • Projects we didn’t imagine you would implement !

So it’s really worth taking a look at the Kickstarter page to see what’s what. I’m fairly sure I’m going to be a backer on this one.

One thing I’m not clear on is how this works with Tracktion’s new WaveForm multitrack software for Raspberry Pi. I’d be interested to understand how that works.

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