Audio Evolution Mobile Studio 1.0.6

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio brings its fourth update this month, and it’s a good one. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added support for AudioShare. For exporting to AudioShare, please use the ‘File browser’ and swipe your audio file left to reveal the AudioShare function. To import from AudioShare, simply select ‘Import from AudioShare’ from the Project menu
  • Added channel filter to MIDI input dialog
  • Fixed crash in the velocity editor for the drum pattern editor
  • Fixed crash in changing output of busses.
  • Moving automation points is now easier
  • Pressing cancel in presets dialog caused a crash. Solved.
  • The ‘Vocal Remover’ and ‘WahWah’ effect sometimes failed to load. Solved.
  • After setting the resonance or depth parameters in WahWah to 0, no sound would be produced anymore. Solved.
  • Pop-up menu with ‘Remove effect’ is not displayed anymore for empty fx slot
  • Solved issue with undo ‘Cut ripple’ in drum pattern editor
  • Cut and paste dialogs in the drum pattern editor now have a Cancel option
  • Choosing ‘Duplicate track’ when 3 tracks were present and the PRO IAP wasn’t done caused a crash. Solved.
  • Solved 32/64-bit issue that could cause a random crash

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