How to Play the Moog Model 15 with the AC Sabre MIDI Controller

I’ve been a fan of the AC Sabre since before it came out. This is a truly amazing video from Hari, the maker of the app. It’s great to see it being used with another excellent iOS app, Moog’s Model 15.

What’s more, AC Sabre is on sale now, for just $4.99. Watch the video, grab the app …


One thought on “How to Play the Moog Model 15 with the AC Sabre MIDI Controller”

  1. I tried AC sabre, but the “lazer harp” aspect of it was a bad idea.

    It would have been better if it just used one set of buttons onscreen for notes in a scale, another set of buttons for key changes, and another for all the different harmonies, while moving the idevice in various ways could affect synth parameters (freely assignable in app of choice).

    Another update i want that would be awesome is to be able to play the two onscreen faders as continuous volume and pitch controllers (like a tannerin)…now that would be awesome.

    The reason i say that the lazer harp part of the app is not a good idea is because you cant strum back and forth on one of the lazer strings, and because to get from one lazer string to another, you must pass and trigger all of the lazer strings in between…also onscreen buttons would have real low latency control of note triggering whereas the rotation of an idevice is not really accurate in terms of really playing ac sabre as an musical instrument.

    Its good for learning about music theory, but as it is not really playable except in a gimmicky way…hope it can get updates like I suggested above.

    If it were to get that kind of update, the buttons should be made as small as possible while still being playable (to fit as many as possible onscreen). The faders would have the option to define the scale, for example does the pitch fader span 4 octaves or only one…or does the volume fader reach full volume quarter of the way up or right at the top.

    The app really has great potential if those things were included but the lazer harp idea just doesnt work well.


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