KDJ-One is still a thing (apparently)

It has to be said that the KDJ-One hasn’t been a real success since its Kickstarter campaign. It’s overdue, although that’s a bit on an understatement. However, it looks like it’s still coming along, and in the latest update there’s a new design and apparently this is what’s going forward.

Of course the end is not in site, there’s still a long way to go I think and it’s still not sure that the device will ever get delivered to backers. We live in hope of course.

5 thoughts on “KDJ-One is still a thing (apparently)”

      1. As a backer, it is really hard to understand, why they publish updates on the progress only ever 3 to 6 months. I think that is theirs major mistake. I still hope, that I have not spent 400 USD for vaporware.

        A more positive example is Arpeggio. Some major shit happened during the project, too. But they keep the backers informed.


      2. I agree entirely. On the Arpeggio side I think they’ve had a really tough time of it and I know as I was nominally involved in trying to help out getting it back on track. But you’re right. They’ve done a great job in communicating


  1. Since the release of milkytracker on the PDA I have been yearning for an all in one PORTABLE BATTERY POWERED music workstation. The KDJ developers goals and aims are correct but the design is just stupid.

    A portable music workstation device would have the form factor and harware buttons of PSVITA but with the addition of velocity and pressure sensitive keys along the bottom (such as those found on qunexus).

    The keys could be played as a keyboard for entering melodies and chords but also as expressive drumpads.

    The psvita stlye form factor would allow for the software to be based around the littlegameparktracker and LSDJ input method with an expanded set of features (more tracks, more synth instruments, recordable real time automation).

    The real time automation of the various included synth instruments would be controlled by faders on the front touch screen of the psvita style form factor device, or by dual xy touch pads on the back of the device.

    The software would be a tracker like little gamepark tracker, but it would have the increased resolution of 96 pulses per quarter note instead of the old school “ticks per line”. In this way it would retain all the accuracy of tracker music software while doing away with the need to enter delay values to enter triplets.

    with 96 ppqn (as on the trackeresque software inside the MPC1000) straight rythms are based around multiples of 3 (3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96) while triplets are based around multiples of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64) etc…

    dotted notes are possible…

    it would have all the in and outs that the MPC 500 had (midi etc..)

    please, someone make that device.

    I really feel that the ipad and iphone as well as android touch devices do not pass the true portable workstation test as they are “cradle and prod”…one hand is used to hold the device…it is a waste of one hand…also ios device file system is crippled by sandboxing and the necessity for itunes and a computer, while android devices have too much latency.


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