Infinite Looper and Aleph Looper go to version 2.0

Infinite Looper and Aleph Looper get updates with a pretty amazing new feature, pitch-to-MIDI. Here’s what the developer, Secret Base Design have to say:

Version 2.0 adds pitch-to-MIDI — use a guitar or other instruments to trigger MIDI notes. You can also see the pitch of a note on the keyboard; hum, whistle, or sing, to see the notes that match your melody. With pitch-to-MIDI and the step insert mode on the piano roll, it’s easy to get transcriptions of tricky guitar parts.

Import of MIDI from files, and from other Infinite Looper projects, is now supported. Open the piano roll for a loop, and then import MIDI directly. You can add MIDI files to the app using any of the standard iOS file sharing utilities. You can also export your loops as MIDI files, or export the entire project as a multi-track MIDI file, for final mastering with a desktop DAW.

The user interface has been refined; all the tools you need, but organized so that you can find them, and not be overwhelmed by buttons and sliders. Infinite Looper is easy to use, the ideal sketch pad for capturing and creating musical ideas.

Infinite Looper on the app store:

Aleph Looper on the app store:

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