SpringSound 3.0 is interesting, in a lot of ways

File under, ‘apps that I think I should look at again’. I hadn’t realised the complexity and versatility of SpringSound. I certainly hadn’t realised that it was also an MPE controller, leave alone operating as a Haken Continuum IOS Remote. This is an impressive app.

So I thought it would be a good idea to restate this app’s description:

SpringSound is a physical-modeling audio synthesizer that produces sounds by simulating interactions and vibrations of a set of activators and masses connected to springs. The model offers detailed control of an array of features including: gravity, bouncing, fluid and static friction, mechanical limits, non-linear functions, and more.
SpringSound is provided with a very large set of sound presets that you can tweak and save.

It can be used as a sound generator or as an effect using its Audio-In feature, opening a new world of physical modeled effects. It is fully Audiobus® 2 and inter-app audio compatible, and manage state saving.

SpringSound can be controlled by a standard MIDI keyboard and directly from the iOS device screen. It is complete with the new MIDI MPE (expressive MIDI) and therefore can be controlled by most expressive controllers like the Haken Continuum, ROLI Seaboard, Linnstrument, Madrona Labs Soundplane, etc.

SpringSound app is designed for optimum use with the Haken Continuum (www.hakenaudio.com) and integrate an IOS Continuum Remote (iPad only) allowing a very comprehensive and accurate remote control of the Continuum from your iPad (access to all parameters except programming the Eagan Matrix).

SpringSound has be designed to explore sounds domains you won’t be able to access with other synthesis technics. It expands your sonic palette with a new world of physical sounds. It is a rich musical instrument, a sophisticated sound-design tool and an entertaining sonic playground.

SpringSound is the big brother of my former Ackorage-Spring app.

And here’s what’s in the latest version …

Totally renewed UI for the Haken Continuum IOS Remote for iPad. The Continuum IOS remote is now compatible with the version 8.00 of the Continuum firmware (and also with previous versions). Reworked SoundEngine (development still in progress, other updates will come soon, the current update doesn’t yet use the new features of the sound engine)
Audiobus SDK update.

SpringSound on the app store:

FL Studio Mobile HD

FL Studio Mobile HD get another update in 3.1.8 and fixes problems. Plus they’re promising more. It’s all good.

Here’s what’s new:

  • MIDI Import/Export (Load/Save .mid files from Songs and Playlist tracks menu)
  • Note length now snaps to Snap value
  • Bluetooth audio should now work with all devices
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes

They also say  … NOTE: SHARE/Sync issues will be fixed with the next update. Thanks for your patience.

Refraktions 2.1.1 adds Link and more

In the first update in over six months for Refraktions and it’s a big one. Here’s what’s new:

  • Ableton Link was added, enabling Refraktions to sync with any other Ableton Link enabled device.
  • Sequencer Mode was added, simplying the process of sending MIDI sequences to external and modular synthesizers.
  • An artificial intelligence was added, complete with memory, the ability to learn the user’s preferences, and generate new compositions based on that data.
  • Sequencer jog-wheel was added, giving the user more control over the song position.
  • Settings Panel was added inside the app for easier customization.
  • Ability to choose major or minor scale was added.

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