Quantum VJ HD arrives from Mr NightRadio

I’m a long time fan of all things from Mr NightRadio, from apps to hardware and on an esoteric variety of platforms too. Now he’s brought something from his hardware creations into the world of apps, which is an interesting move.

Quantum VJ HD is a simple glitch-style audio visualizer (video generator). It can receive sound from the microphone or from the Line-in port (depends on the system settings). Sound will be converted to the graphic elements byte by byte. The final video can be mixed with the camera stream in real time.

iTunes File Sharing and Wi-Fi can be used, if you want to upload your own codeset images to the app.

  • Multitouch control – pair of parameters for each new touch
    • 1st Touch – changing the Mode (horizontally) and the Power (vertically) parameters.
    • 2nd Touch – changing the Color (horizontally) and the Noise (vertically) parameters.
    • 3rd Touch – changing the Camera (horizontally) and the Resolution (vertically) parameters.
    • 4th Touch – changing the Brightness (horizontally) and the Speed (vertically) parameters.
  • Press on the top left corner to hide/show the control panel (fullscreen mode ON/OFF).

Video export is temporarily not available in iOS version.

Quantum VJ HD costs $1.99 (£1.49) on the app store now:

LP-5 – Loop-based Music Sequencer v3.0 arrives with loop recording and more

A great update for this loop based sequencer, making it much more powerful and useful. Here’s what’s new:

  • Loop recording from hardware and other apps
  • Time stretching by Superpowered
  • 40 scenes per set
  • iPad Slide Over and Split View Support
  • Audiobus I/O
  • LinkKit 2.0
  • Bug fixes and improvements

SpaceVibe 2.20 brings MIDI and more

I like apps like SpaceVibe as they’re just a bit different, so it’s good to see SpaceVibe get updates, especially like this one bringing a wealth of new MIDI features.

Here’s what’s new:

  • MIDI !!!
  • Added support for MIDI Hardware and Software devices.
  • Play SpaceVibe with a bluetooth controller, Virtual MIDI or use a MIDI interface to connect 5-Pin MIDI equipment.
  • Map your hardware controller knobs and buttons directly to SpaceVibe.
  • Mappings are saved and loaded automatically for every hardware device.
  • Added an option in Settings for hearing Noise only when touching the Noise Pad.

A free MIDI utility arrives to help with monitoring

This looks quite useful, and is a universal app too so should come in handy in all environments. I haven’t checked to see if it’s ad supported or with IAPs, so if you check it out please let me know.

Here’s what app description:

MIDI Scope allows you to monitor MIDI activity using your iOS device. Features include the ability to filter events by individual type or by group as well as MIDI Channel. A comprehensive interpretation of each event packet is displayed. Raw packet data is shown in both decimal and hexadecimal formats. Please send feature requests and trouble reports to the support email listed on our web site.

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