Pacemaker 2.2 arrives

I can remember when Pacemaker was a hardware product a long way back. In Feb 2014 the team brought it to iOS and have continued to develop and maintain it. In version 2.2 when get some nice new features for the app. So if you don’t know it then check it out.

Here’s the detail on what’s new:

Search is finally here!
Use search to find new and old friends.
Find amazing Mixtapes by searching for track title, artist, mixtape name or #hashtags!

Introducing #hashtags:
Describe your mixtapes with #hashtags!
Use genres, moods or anything you like so others can search and find it.

Improved goodies:
Our AI DJ Tech got more clever and now detects vocals in tracks to create better mixes.
You can now removed saved Mixtapes.
You can now unpublish posted Mixtapes, just tap the context (…) button on the upper right side of the Mixtape in the list.

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