Quincy 1.5.0 brings us attention to detail in this rather unique compositional tool

Often when an up gets an update I think to myself that I really should revisit it personally, and so much more with this update to Quincy. I should get back to it and make some music with it very soon. I think I’ve been away from it for too long now. If you’re starting to feel the same then let me know how you get on. If you’ve never used Quincy then go take a look, it seriously is a very unique app.

Here’s what’s new in Quincy 1.5.0:

Quincy 1.5.0 comes with a redesigned and much more compact document list. In addition each title now shows a variety of metadata per composition including module name, speed and base key. Title highlighting is a bit more pronounced and scroll speeds are now much faster.

A lot of attention was also spent on the experience of running Quincy in landscape view. We added new statusbar animations, several new status announcements and moved the button for Quincy’s store window to the bottom toolbar to have it available in either viewing mode. A couple of issues surrounding the renaming of compositions in landscape view have been addressed as well.

Another bunch of fixes address issues surrounding sample compositions. Version 1.5.0 features updated default and add-on sample compositions with current thumbnails and settings. An issue where add-on sample docs may have been overwritten on app launch could occur in some configurations has been fixed. Other improvements include improved sound generation and faster document reading speeds.

Find Quincy on the app store by clicking below:

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