Drum Session for iPad has arrived

If drums are your thing then you really need to take a look at this app. Drum Session for iPad has only just arrived and even though I’ve not had a great deal of time to play with it I’m already impressed. It has a nice clean interface, intuitive and straightforward, this is the kind of app you can just go to work with.

I’ll be giving it a full work out soon, and I’ll tell you more. For now, here’s the app’s description:

With a library of 3600 editable patterns, loops, and fills, Drum Session is a very fast, simple way to put together a complete drum track.


  1. Select a pattern
  2. Drag it onto the timeline
  3. Press play


  • 3600 preset patterns
  • 30 complete sets of acoustic drum samples
  • Record your own beats
  • Piano roll style editing
  • MIDI in / out
  • Inter-app-audio (IAA)
  • Audiobus
  • AudioCopy
  • Export beats as MIDI or audio files
  • Connect to external drum kits or keyboards by MIDI

Drum Session for iPad is on the app store priced at $24.99:

DJ Player Professional 9.0.7 packs a bit of a punch!

DJ Player has been around a long time now and keeps on delivering time after time. The latest update keeps up the tradition and packs a real punch:

  • Network Drive Support (NAS, shared drive, etc.) with WebDAV. Supports automatic discovery with Bonjour, anonymous HTTP, secure connection (HTTPS) and basic authentication.
  • Bluetooth LE MIDI support.
  • Lock SHIFT with double tap.
  • Removed mid-point click for GAIN for smooth changes. Double-tap on GAIN to return to 0.
  • Invert tempo knob on Modern Interface player setting.
  • Load Tracks on App Launch player setting.
  • Eject A/B/C/D player setting.
  • Track overview waveform is visible when using JUMP.
  • Track loading with MIDI browser + select controls (for controllers without load buttons).
  • Fixed bug for loop + SLIP.

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