LK – for Ableton Live & Midi control 1.2 arrives

Another controller update, LK – for Ableton Live & Midi control 1.2 is here, and this is what’s new:

  • Virtual MIDI output to allow iOS music apps control
  • New CHORDER module
  • All other modules revised
  • Improved navigation and usability in phone devices
  • Improved UI
  • Added vertical support on big screens
  • Improves bridge discovery
  • Improved menu

Sonic Logic 2.0 is a massive update to this excellent controller app

Some releases are big, some are really big, but this update for Sonic Logic is pretty much into the epic category. Here’s what’s new:

  • New User Interface – Everything has been redesigned.
  • Import and Export – Share your Sonic Logic files with other users.
  • Easy New Element Assignments – Create elements faster! More presets and easy configurations for new elements.
  • Copy & Paste – Copy elements between screens and configurations and paste them with intelligent MIDI mapping.
  • Knobs – Sonic Logic now has rotor control.
  • New Note and MIDI CC Assignment screens – easily map and change note and CC elements, broadcast the new values right from the edit screen for fast mapping.
  • Improved Bluetooth Performance – Sonic Logic 2 sends data faster and more efficiently over Bluetooth.
  • Group Edit – Group edit screen can change the appearance of groups and perform bulk MIDI changes (like transpose or MIDI channel change).
  • iPad Pro Support – iPad Pro devices with large screen are fully supported and can take full advantage of the large screen creating large MIDI setups.
  • Improved Edit Screens – Edit screens have been rethought and redesigned to provide a simple but powerful experience.

* iCloud support is disabled for this version, but it will make a very swift comeback soon 🙂

Sonic Logic 2.0 is available on the app store and costs $9.99:

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