Poison-202 Vintage MIDI Synthesizer 1.2 is pretty big

Well it certainly seems that Poison-202 doesn’t pull punches in any way at all. In this second update to the app we’ve got a massive list of new features as you can see below, plus a lot of fixes too. Not bad for an app that’s only been around for 3 months.

Here’s what’s new:

  • added Midi Learn feature. To enter it, tap 3 times on any knob or fader control. When done, tap WRITE button to save changes.
  • added ability to Export / Import user preset sound banks using iTunes File Sharing system (look in Settings page);
  • added ability to merge user presets banks;
  • maximum number of user presets is raised to 300;
  • added “Poison-202” Virtual Midi In Port;
  • 10 new patches added to factory Bank B;
  • added new Bank C with 17 drum patches;
  • added background audio idle timer (adjustable from Settings page);
  • added default midi mapping (can be changed using Midi Learn);
  • fixed: audio units midi program change event issue;
  • fixed: issue with midi note off event, appeared when working with Geo Synth;
  • fixed: preset number related issues in audio units, which could cause crashes under Garage Band;
  • master volume and patch gain changes are now interpolated (no clicks);
  • delay time parameter change is now interpolated;
  • other minor improvements.

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