Meeting Basslet


You may remember the Basslet, it Kickstarted not so long ago raising €599,950! Which is pretty impressive, especially as it is the kind of device that I think really needs to be experienced to be understood. Well I got a brief chance to do just that last week, at the Berlin Pop-Up store in Soho.

And Basslet is fun, I can say that for sure. It’s quite a different experience from any other. Whilst it looks a bit like a watch of course it isn’t, and in some ways that was a bit disconcerting. Having said that, I did find the experience quite unique. Basslet claim that the experience is akin to being by the subwoofer at a gig. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it is a different and in many ways deeper listening experience. In some ways I found in almost off-putting to be able to feel the bass in just my wrist. I did wonder what it would be like to have one on each wrist. Perhaps that would balance the experience?

Anyway, I can safely say that it works, it is an interesting experience, and whilst not for me personally I think, I can see this having appeal to a lot of people.

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