Blocs Wave and LaunchPad introduce a new SoundPack Sharing Feature

Blocs Wave 10 and LaunchPad 5 have introduced LaunchPad SoundPack sharing. A nice new feature making soundpacks from Launchpad accessible in Blocs Wave. What’s more Novation is offering a discounts on soundpacks imminently and there’s also a sale price for Blocs too.

I have to say that I’m impressed with how Novation have brought their apps closer together ever since Blocs Wave arrived and this is another good example of just that. Improving interoperability is always a positive step and I’m sure that plenty of users of both apps will appreciate this.

Blocs Wave on the App Store:

LaunchPad on the App Store:

Aftertouch • 3D MIDI Controller arrives to join the small group of apps that use 3D touch

I have to say that there haven’t been many music apps that have made use of the possibilities that 3D touch provides. In fact I can think of only a handful aside from Aftertouch • 3D MIDI Controller. The most obvious that comes to mind is Roli’s Seaboard 5D app, but also Ferrite Recording Studio.

I have to admit that I thought that 3D touch would be much bigger for music apps and I’m still slightly confused as to why it hasn’t been embraced in quite the way I’d envisaged. Anyway, enough of that for now, perhaps Aftertouch will change the way that not only users, but also other developers see 3D touch.

Here’s what to expect from the app:

Aftertouch unlocks the musical potential of 3D Touch, turning your iPhone into a velocity and pressure sensitive MIDI controller.

Aftertouch sends MIDI note and control data to other apps, or to external hardware via the Camera Connection Kit or via Bluetooth MIDI. It also includes a built-in synthesizer so you can start making music immediately.


  • Configurable grid dimensions and musical intervals between rows and columns
  • Configurable note display format (MIDI note number, musical pitch, or a combination of both)
  • Easy-access transposition buttons to move the grid by a semitone or an octave


  • Selectable MIDI output: choose between virtual MIDI destinations (other apps), hardware USB MIDI connections (via the Camera Connection Kit), or Bluetooth MIDI devices
  • Selectable MIDI Channel, or MPE (Multi-dimensional Polyphonic Expression)
  • Configurable CC outputs for X, Y, and Z axis finger movement (with support for Pitch Bend in the X axis, and Channel or Polyphonic pressure in the Z axis)


  • Built-in phase modulation synthesizer exhibits the default expression settings
  • Velocity curve editor for fine-tuning the velocity- and pressure-sensitivity to your musical style
  • Use the full screen to set the range of control parameters, or constrain them to only respond to movement within a single pad.

NOTE: Z-axis support is only available on devices with 3D Touch. Other devices still send X and Y axis data, and send a fixed note-on velocity value.

Remember the AC Sabre, well you need to see this

When the AC Sabre came out I raved about it, and I haven’t changed my mind about the app at all since then, it is amazing. It gives a performer incredible gestural control using just an iPhone. The range of expression that is possible using the AC Sabre is phenomenal. But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at this video which shows Hari demonstrating just a tiny part of what Sabre can do.

Sabre has also recently been update …

“Hey! Nice to see you. We’ve fixed that annoying bug where the QuickPanels gets stuck halfway open. We also fixed an issues involving the Ribbons and MIDI Channel not acting properly. And we’ve updated for iOS10. More to come soon. In the meantime, might you help us with a nice rating?? Cheers! Hari Karam Singh, AC Sabre inventor”

It’s on the app store for only $12.99, and considering how useful this app is, and how much you’d have to pay for a gestural controller, it’s more than a bargain.

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