It didn’t take too long, now you can get SoundCloud inside of iMessage with SoundShare

I’m fairly sure that I predicted this sort of thing back when Facebook announced that Messenger was becoming a bot platform. Of course Apple responded with their own app platform inside iMessage, and, whatever you think of these developments, they are only ever going to increase the possibilities for sound and music. Or at least I hope so.

SoundShare is the first (I believe) app inside iMessage to bring something that could be quite useful. SoundShare allows you to search, share and play sounds from SoundCloud right in iMessage. Here’s what it does:


  • No login required
  • Search and Share
  • Play songs shared by friends directly in iMessage
  • Stores a history of songs played
  • Embedded SoundCloud player
  • Paste SoundCloud links for quick sharing
  • iPhone app allows you to listen to songs when phone is locked

* SoundCloud API is used to search for sounds.
* SoundCloud html widget is used to play sounds.

SoundShare is available on the iMessage app store now and is free:

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