Klevgränd releases Haaze, an innovative new stereo spreading tool for iOS

The Klevgränd brand has become synonymous with high quality AU FX for iOS, and today Klevgränd releases Haaze, a new stereo spreading tool which I can’t wait to try out.

Klevgränd’s Haaze works by splitting the input signal into 16 different frequency regions, spanning from 20 Hz to 20kHz, Haaze can add different amount of stereo-widening to different frequency regions. This makes it possible to transform a mono track into a natural sounding stereo track (by for example keeping lower frequencies in mono while spreading the higher ones).

Haaze is compatible with both iPhone and iPad (AUv3), and also available for desktop as AudioUnit and VST. With an intro price (~35% off) Haaze for iOS costs $4.99 and Haaze for desktop costs $12.99.

It didn’t take too long, now you can get SoundCloud inside of iMessage with SoundShare

I’m fairly sure that I predicted this sort of thing back when Facebook announced that Messenger was becoming a bot platform. Of course Apple responded with their own app platform inside iMessage, and, whatever you think of these developments, they are only ever going to increase the possibilities for sound and music. Or at least I hope so.

SoundShare is the first (I believe) app inside iMessage to bring something that could be quite useful. SoundShare allows you to search, share and play sounds from SoundCloud right in iMessage. Here’s what it does:


  • No login required
  • Search and Share
  • Play songs shared by friends directly in iMessage
  • Stores a history of songs played
  • Embedded SoundCloud player
  • Paste SoundCloud links for quick sharing
  • iPhone app allows you to listen to songs when phone is locked

* SoundCloud API is used to search for sounds.
* SoundCloud html widget is used to play sounds.

SoundShare is available on the iMessage app store now and is free:

Synth Automata – Automata Controlled Synthesizer arrives

From the maker of E Theremin – Electro Theremin, E–Theremin MKII, RS-08 | 8 Oscillator Ribbon Synth, SynthDrum Pads and WubSynth | EDM Bass Synth comes a new app which is apparently inspired by a talk given by Brian Eno.

As a lover of all things generative I look forward to enjoying this app!

Synth Automata is an app designed for making Generative music. Synth Automata achieves Algorithmic composition via the uses of an interactive Cellular Automata (Conway’s Game of Life) as a tigger for notes. The user can select what scale the Automata maps to, The generated notes are then passed on to the synthesizer and onboard effects.

It was inspired by a talk given by Brian Eno and Will Wright


  • 8×8 Cellular Automata
  • 64 oscillators
  • Ladder style resonant low-pass filter
  • Onboard effects; reverb, delay
  • Tempo control
  • Programable scale
  • AHD amp envelope
  • 3 waveforms
  • High-pass filter

Made in Cornwall, UK, which is a lovely place.

Synth Automata costs $1.99 on the app store now:

FieldScaper 1.7 drops and is worth checking out

FieldScaper is a pretty innovative app, and from a developer who brings us new and unusual concepts. To see it continually evolve and improve is nothing short of a delight. This update adds new options to the field recorder which is the one of main parts of FieldScaper specially designed for recording and editing samples, noises and environmental sounds. Also in this update:

  • Improved automatic gain control for recorder.
  • Marking sample on minimum points of level for cutting.
  • Additional editor option – Filter and Normalizer.
  • Additional editor option – Undo operation.
  • Selecting part of sample during playback as effect.
  • MIDI controls for selecting part of sample.
  • Individual or group LFO for each effect parameter.
  • Inverting LFO value for each parameter.
  • LFO rate defined in seconds or beats with BPM sync.
  • Sync BPM with main or alter MIDI device or thru IAA.
  • Several new presets added.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Minor bug fixes.

ROTOR (Tangible Modular Music Synth) 1.1 brings sample import and more

Reactable brought us Rotor last month and it was great, but they’re not resting on their laurels in any way. In version 1.1 they’ve responded to user requests. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added a new ‘Samples’ Tab where you can:
    • Import/Export audio samples from/to other apps
    • Rename and delete your existing samples and recordings
  • We also lowered the memory usage and fixed some bugs that improve speed and reliability

Rotor on the app store (at launch price of $9.99 until the 17th): 

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