ToneStack III is here, it’s big, and it’s on sale too

As a big fan of Yonac’s app over the years, from the very first version of miniSynth and on from there. I’m pleased to see ToneStack move up to version 3 in a totally impressive way that is pretty much typical of Yonac. So here’s what’s new in ToneStack (and also ToneStack Go).

Welcome to ToneStack III, the 3rd major upgrade to the leading amps & FX processor for iPad and iPhone! ToneStack III introduces loads of meticulously designed effects, amps & cabs, including:

  • Sophisticated rack & special delays,
    • Taproom multi-tap delay
    • Delay Tripper “tricked out” delay with custom FX processing
    • The Duplicator artificial double/triple tracker with vari-speed
    • DuckWalk ducking / dynamic stereo delay
    • Memory Guy analog-modeling delay / modulation pedal
  • Acoustic guitar simulators and specially designed acoustic effects
  • Custom & rare distortions,
    • Black Moor vintage treble booster / overdrive
    • Fury Unleash’d distortion
    • Blues Brother custom blues overdrive
    • Dragon Claw fuzz / distortion
    • Buzz Bone ‘60s fuzz
    • Bleecker St. ‘70s fuzz / distortion
  • British Invasion line of vintage UK valve amps & cabs, inspired by the iconic workhorses of British blues, rock and metal.

Other additions & improvements include, but are not limited to,

  • Bluetooth MIDI connectivity: connect to compatible bluetooth MIDI controllers by going to Settings -> MIDI -> Bluetooth MIDI inside ToneStack.
  • iOS 10 updates & compatibility
  • Optimizations & improvements to performance

Also ToneStack III is on sale at 50% off and down from $9.99 to $4.99:

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