SunVox is spinning up even more goodness in the latest beta

SunVox has been a constant feature of the mobile music world for a very long time now. I first used it on a Palm OS device back in the pre-iPhone world. Of course it came to iOS and Android too and continues to go from strength to strength. The current Beta will eventually end up in iOS and Android once the version is out of beta.

Here’s what’s new:

v1.9.2 BETA2 (23 oct 2016):

  • Sampler: new option “Stop recording on project stop”;
  • Analog Generator: new waveform “Drawn with spline interpolation”;
  • MultiCtl: new controller “OUT offset”;
  • new module Velocity2Ctl: converts the velocity parameter of the incoming notes to
  • the controller values (in some another connected module);
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + 4 – unmute all modules;
  • new version of SunVox library for developers;
  • bugs fixed.

v1.9.2 BETA1 (10 oct 2016):

  • Windows (7 and higher): multitouch support;
  • Linux (x86_64 only): multitouch support;
  • Linux: arm64 architecture support (tested on PINE64 64-bit Single Board Computer);
  • Linux: screen rotation support;
  • new module Pitch2Ctl: converts the incoming notes to the controller values (in some another connected module);
  • new project parameter – “Time grid” (number of lines per grid cell);
  • add option “nowin” to the sunvox_config.ini if you want to launch SunVox without the window (pure console mode without UI);
  • Main SunVox Menu: new function “Merge project” (load project over the current);
  • Timeline: target pointer (like in the Module View) has been added; use it to choose where to place the new pattern(s);
  • Timeline: now the file is used for the pattern copy-buffer; so you can paste even after the SunVox restart;
  • Analog Generator: new options “Retain phase” (don’t reset the phase) and “Random phase”;
  • Analog Generator: new options “Filter frequency = note frequency” and “Velocity-dependent filter resonance”; see the analog_gen4 and analog_gen5 examples;
  • MultiSynth: new button “Set” (set exact values of the curve);
  • Vibrato: new controller “Exponential amplitude”;
  • Kicker: sine waveform has been added;
  • LFO: random (noise) waveform has been added;
  • Loop: new controller “Mode” (normal/ping-pong loop playback); see the loop2 example;
  • MetaModule: optimized interface + default user controller names;
    improved MIDI Import and Export: channel/program/bank/controller support; new timing algorithm;
  • ability to switch between the text fields using the TAB/SHIFT+TAB keys;
  • new oscilloscope mode (module visualizer) – XY (X = left channel; Y = right channel);
  • now all notes are visible on the musical keyboard: expand it up to see the full range;
  • Module View (Routing): new function “Find” (find a module by name);
  • Pattern Editor: improved hints;
  • Pattern Editor: click on some event (note or some other command) and the corresponding module will be highlighted;
  • Pattern Properties: new buttons “Shrink /2” and “Expand *2” has been added;
  • Preferences -> Main: new option “Make project backup before the first overwrite”;
  • Preferences -> Timeline: new option “Show line numbers from …”;
  • Preferences -> Timeline: new option “Grid cell size”;
  • Preferences -> Interface: new option “Double click time” (in ms);
  • Preferences -> Interface -> Scale: new parameter “Font scale”;
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + 1 – toggle mute (module);
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + 2 – toggle solo (module);
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + 3 – toggle bypass (module);
  • new keyboard shortcut: CTRL + F – find a module;
  • new instruments and effects;
  • new simple project examples: analog_gen4, analog_gen5, dubstep, loop2, pitch2ctl ***;
  • new song examples: Quantum Countdown, PalmSounds10;
  • bugs fixed.

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