RF-1 – Algorithmic Reverb arrives

From the makers of the excellent RP-1 dual digital delay comes the next in their series of FX apps, RF-1 – Algorithmic Reverb (AU, AB, IAA, Standalone), and it looks pretty amazing too.

RF-1 is a collection of algorithmic reverbs capable of creating a variety of effects ranging from small rooms to huge, heavily modulated spaces and everything in between. RF-1 comes packed with multiple reverb algortihms, a solid standalone application, carfully tuned factory presets and a plethora of tweak-able controls.

What’s more, RF-1 integrates with everything from AudioUnit Hosts over Audiobus to Inter-App Audio, Guitar- and USB Interfaces.


  • 5 unique reverb programs (see below)
  • Continuously variable size
  • Variable pre-delay
  • Diffusion control
  • Damping control
  • Width control
  • High- and Low shelves (+/- 6db pre effect)
  • Mod section with depth and speed controls (Sine LFO 0.01hz to 5.0hz)


  1. Hall: Clean and bright sounding space with subtile modulation and gradually building density.
  2. Plate: Dark, highly diffused sound with high initial echo density and dark modulation.
  3. EnsembleVerb: Capable of huge, wide spaces with deep modulation.
  4. TremoloVerb: Large, bright and always moving with amplitude modulation at the output.
  5. VintageVerb: Dark, noisy and wonderfull sounding reverb modeled after the first digital reverbs from the late 70s. (10khz bandwidth / 12bit processing)


  • AudioUnitV3 Effect
  • Inter-App Audio Effect
  • Audiobus (Filter)
  • Ableton Link
  • USB Audio Interface (Standalone)
  • Guitar Interface (Standalone)
  • Microphone (Standalone)

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