DM2 1.1 brings new features, updates and fixes

Yep, this is a really big update for DM2. There’s a lot here. So if you don’t know DM2 then maybe now is a good time to take a look.

  • STEPS : [NEW] Steps Divisions (single | duplet | triplet | quadruplet)
  • DRUMS : [NEW] When “Oscillator Note“ is selected (in Oscillator Waveform Zoom), all tracks have their frequency aligned to discreet note frequency (making more musical drum kits)
  • MIXER : [FIXED] The Mixer Main Volume has been tempered with a linear response (beware, previous songs may sound quieter but with less saturation).
  • PADS : [AMENDED] Record with Replace mode will only clear once a played track. Switch back and forth Replace if you need to clear more tracks while recording.
  • PADS : [AMENDED] When HOLD is on, tapping the same Beat Repeat pad will switch the effect on/off.
  • PADS : [FIXED] lagging sounds when recording
  • DRUMS : [AMENDED] zoomed graphed are now embedded in the page and can stay up as “outside” parameters (selected track, steps, osc/noise mix, level, etc) are changed
  • DRUMS : [AMENDED] added a proper “zoom” button
  • DRUMS : [AMENDED] added a proper “close” button in the zoomed graphs
  • MIXER : [ADDED] tap the name of a track to open a popup with the sounds associated to this track
  • UI : [AMENDED] Buttons colour code reviewed (blue=action | orange=state)
  • SONG : [NEW] added export to Audioshare
  • SONG : [NEW] added export to AudioCopy
  • SONG : [NEW] added export to SoundCloud
  • SONG : [NEW] added export to iTunes
  • SONG : [NEW] added export to Open In
  • MIXER : [NEW] added Mute button
  • MIDI : [AMENDED] Midi notes can be sent and received while Link is connected

Today’s the day … Rotor launches now!

The all-new iPad app by Reactable is released this today! With the release of the tangible controllers coming next month in November.

Here’s everything you need to know about Rotor …

ROTOR is the new app that turns the iPad into a comprehensive electronic music performance suite. Using the optional ROTOR controllers, which can be purchased separately, it also brings the reactable tangible music experience that has captivated musicians such as Björk, Coldplay or Gui Boratto, for the first time into the iPad.


… although it includes elements of all of them. ROTOR incorporates dozens of modules, among instruments, audio effects, modulators and controllers, which can be linked all together using a flexible and unique routing system, for creating the most expressive and intricate patches. It is an unprecedented multitouch/tangible instrument specially designed for live interaction and performance.


With our exclusive physical control objects especially conceived for the iPad, and which can be purchased separately, ROTOR brings the unique tangible experience of the reactable for the first time to the iPad! This means that while all standard multi-touch capabilities are preserved, the ability to control any parameter by moving and twisting our tangible pucks over the iPad’s surface, brings 3 additional degrees of freedom to each hand! ROTOR can be perfectly used without the controllers. Controllers will be available for purchase on November.


ROTOR comes with automatic real-time key detection and time stretching algorithms that allow for samples, loops and sequences to stay not only in sync but also in harmony with each other. All wavefiles can be configured either as masters, thus determining at any instant the tonality of the whole session, or as slaves, thus adapting automatically to this computed tonality.


ROTOR MIC/LINE IN module and its panoply of effects and modulators allows to process voice, guitars, or any other instrument, in unheard ways. With Audiobus, ROTOR can be used as an input/output device in combination with any other compatible music apps. Any ROTOR module can also receive external MIDI control from any user-selectable MIDI port/channel. Moreover, its integration of Ableton Link allows ROTOR to play in perfect sync with Ableton Live and other Ableton Link compatible iOS apps running in other devices.


ROTOR includes dozens of multitouch control panels such as virtual keyboards, polyphonic and monophonic step-sequencers, envelope generators, or 2D panels, which empower to control in real-time, every detail or nuance of the performance. On the other hand, interconnecting less linear and less predictable modules, such as the accelerometer input, feedback, etc., opens a whole universe of complex generative and serendipitous creations. This, combined with ROTOR’s live recording capabilities, which simplify the capturing of loops on-the-fly and always in sync, turns ROTOR into the ULTIMATE LOOP CREATOR MACHINE.


ROTOR also comes with 100+ high quality loops and sessions created by professional music producers. Along with these loops, users can import their own ones and combine them with ROTOR’s advanced synthesis and processing capabilities. From House or EDM to the most experimental generative soundscapes, ROTOR sonic versatility goes unparalleled.

ROTOR is released this Thursday 13th of October. Get 50% OFF! Special launch price 9.99 USD/EUR

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